What is Save Health Care in Washington?

Save Health Care in Washington is a network of people like you who are united by the goal of achieving affordable access to health care for all Washingtonians. Learn more about us here.

Washington State Ends 2014 Legislative Session

On March 14, 2014 Washington state ended its 63rd session with victories in health care that include preserving the health care safety net and enabling Medicaid enrollees to choose their health plan at the time of enrollment instead of begin auto-assigned.

Clearly the legislature made the right choices for Washington.

Keep Washington moving in the right direction! What does health care coverage mean to you? Sharing your health care experience with legislators will personalize an important issue for them and keep it secure in the future. Send your legislators and Governor Inslee a message today!

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Statewide Action

King County Candlelight Vigil

Yakima event