In the Media


The Seattle Times, 4/2/2021

“Irvin Escobar, a 26-year-old employee at Hansen Fruit, has avoided coronavirus infection so far.

He credits a mix of safety practices — washing hands, wearing masks — and pure faith.

“The main thing was trusting in God,” he said.

Escobar now had another means of protection from COVID-19, the disease caused by the coronavirus: A Johnson & Johnson vaccine shot, which he received during a Friday clinic at Hansen Fruit.”

The Seattle Times, 3/18/2021

“People with disabilities who are at high risk for COVID-19 — and their caregivers — are now eligible for vaccination in Washington state.

But how disabilities and risk are defined is not simple, and it will largely be left to individuals, their doctors and caregivers to assess who newly qualifies.”

The Seattle Times, 3/17/2021

“For the past year, masks, plastic shielding, temperature checks, tests and endless rounds of sanitation have been the main weapons deployed in an effort to protect employees at the Kershaw Companies fruit processing plant from the coronavirus pandemic.”

NPR, 3/5/2021

“As the newest coronavirus vaccine makes its debut, the American public has a new set of deliberations before walking into their vaccine clinic — go with the new arrival or stick with the two vaccines that have already gone into the arms of more than 50 million Americans?