About Save Health Care In Washington

Save Health Care in Washington is a grassroots advocacy network led by the community health centers of Washington state. Our objective is to educate, empower and engage people who are interested in ensuring that everyone has access to affordable, quality health care. Our objective has often been to protect and expand the health care safety net for our state’s most vulnerable population, with the ultimate goal being a more equitable health care system. The safety net is essential for many people to live and function together in a healthy, productive society.


Our mission is to empower people to use their voices to ensure health care access for everyone in Washington state.


Save Health Care in Washington serves as a catalyst for meaningful political action to protect and expand access to health care for everyone in Washington state and address issues around health inequity.


Engagement – We believe everyone should have a voice in decisions made about their health care — from clinic staff to patients, voters and non-voters, and beyond. Save Health Care in WA wants to provide people with the facts and tools they need to inform key decision makers about safety net programs and how they directly affect their communities.


Health Equity – Protecting and expanding safety net programs is just one piece in addressing health inequities that currently plague our communities. We also strive to work with our community partners to keep the conversation going and work in a cross-collaborative setting to address these issues.


Community – Working for and within our communities is what community health centers do best and have been since their inception during the civil rights movement. Community is what brings people together and we want to continue to build upon that.