Advocating for Health Center Patients in Olympia

For the first time since 2020, health center staff and community leaders are going to Olympia to advocate in-person for patients.

On Feb 8 & 9, we’ll be meeting with our representatives and senators from around the state to champion health care access priorities, like sustained investments in dental clinics, policies that strengthen our behavioral health workforce, and protecting our health care safety net.

We need your voice to reinforce the importance of the health care safety net in Washington. 

Use the link below to send a message to your elected officials to support health care access for all patients.

Health Center Pharmacies Create Access to Affordable Medications

Community Health Centers believe that life-saving medication should always be affordable and accessible. Our patient testimonies make that clear.

Nutritionist David Teske at Yakima Neighborhood Health Services had a patient with diabetes who was prescribed an improved blood glucose monitoring system and was faced with a $700 bill for that system from Walmart. David advocated for that patient and worked with the pharmacy to get them the system with no co-pay in under a week.

Stories like these show the importance of dedicated health care professionals who help patients navigate complicated systems to acquire life-saving medication at prices they can afford.

Advocate with Us

This year, we’re asking legislators to preserve Washington’s health care safety net, invest in growing the health care workforce, continue investing in new community health dental clinics, and fund health insurance expansion to all Washington residents.

From January through April 2023, we will ask you to contact your elected officials and ask them to protect safe, affordable health care for all Washingtonians.

You can also help us advocate for patients in Washington by following and amplifying us on social media.

Email us to share health care questions and stories we can share during the legislative session.